Current Job Openings

Estimator—Industrial Metal Fabrication

Job Description:

This job is built for a professional that loves to both estimate and serve customers. This job will include estimating labor and materials required to successfully manufacture industrial metal fabrication—mostly complex weldments and assemblies.

Job will also include close interaction and relationship building with his/her customers and the ability to successfully communicate via email, phone calls and, potentially, in person from time to time.

AMF’s core speciality is in architectural metal work, but the company has had notable success recently in the industrial market and is looking to significantly grow that niche—hence this position.

We are looking for an experienced estimator that wants to work with a sales and project management team to grow this niche.

Pay is negotiable and based on demonstrated experience in the industry.


AMF is a successful and recognized architectural metal fabrication company seeking to add capacity in the Industrial niche. To date, the company has enjoyed twenty years of successful business, shipping and installing products and services across the country (recently awarded work at Ground Zero in New York). We are headquartered in Ogden, Utah.

The company has a very solid base but is now looking for more aggressive growth. Team work, enthusiasm, new ideas, new learning and opportunity finding might be the best words to describe the future and growth the company is looking to accomplish.

Skills & Values:

As already mentioned, key skills and attitudes might include these below:

  • Self-Starter
  • Collaborative
  • Team Focused
  • Success Driven
  • Honest
  • Hardworking
  • Capable of Learning New Skills
  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Optimistic

Applicant must fit AMF’s culture as a relatively small, but highly skilled company where employees work hard and are not afraid to get their hands dirty from time to time! Job candidates must be able to work well with people, be accountable for their work and adaptive to learning and change.

Experience & Education:

Applicant must have minimum of 2 years of experience estimating complex fabrication assemblies; 5 years is preferred. Applicant must have a basic understanding of standard CAD/Engineered drawings.

Applicant must have experience working with professional purchasing agents, project managers and executive level decision makers.

Applicant must provide work history with dates including: company name, address, positions held with duties, responsibilities and successes.

References are required upon request.

Background Checking

AMF does some or all of the following background checks: drug testing, criminal record, employment history, positions held, SSN verification, references, reference letters, education, degrees, credit record, professional licenses/credentials and driving record.

Applicants must send resume with work history and cover letter to