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About AMF Fabrication

All Metals Fabrication (AMF) came to life in 1994. The company’s founder, Mel Marker, had the courage to give it a try even when most of his peers told him to play it safe.

It was a great opportunity and experience, but it didn’t come easy.

all metals fabrication at pump
Rich and His Dad, Mel, along with Another Company Employee Working on the Sump Pump under the Parking Lot

The Early Years

Early challenges included trying to construct a new building and receive equipment all at the same time. The goal, of course, was to time everything just right so we could hire new workers, find work and get production rolling. Construction was delayed by weather and other unforeseen circumstances, so we were forced to take delivery on machines before we were completely ready. One morning, we arrived at work to sadly discover one of the overhead doors smashed in and several of our new welders—and even one truck—stolen. That was a dark day, followed by many long nights as we took turns sleeping in the building with cots, sleeping bags and one eye open waiting for more unwanted intruders.

AMF metal fabrication was a family business in every regard. We worked by day selling our custom metal fabrication services and then worked through the night, installing tile, baseboard and carpet in the unfinished offices.

We bootstrapped like no other. Mel Marker was the owner and president; Diane Marker—wife, was the administrative assistant and bookkeeper; Melissa Spencer—daughter, was the payroll clerk, HR person and college student; Rich Marker—son, was the sales person, operation’s manager and cash collector. There were also younger siblings who were press brake operators, painters, delivery drivers and drink runners!

Work never left us. We worked long hours at the shop.  If we were not at work, we were talking about work.

Young Rich Marker Working
Young Rich Marker Working in the Early Days at the Family Business

We started to crawl, then walk and then, eventually, we sprinted forward, growing, learning, improving as we went.

So much has changed since the early days. Handwritten work orders have been replaced by bar-coded routers and ERP systems. PO #0001 has now grown to PO numbers that are approaching seven digits. Plate shears and hand plasmas have been replaced by high-speed fiber lasers, pre-programmed press brakes, sophisticated tube lasers and high-tech welding machines. Ten employees have grown into seventy-five employees—we even have a crack security system to keep thieves and villains off the premises!

We have industrial parts and architectural pieces in nearly every U.S. state including Alaska, Hawaii and New York.

These changes and AMF’s growth have been amazing, but, perhaps, more amazing is the fact that we are the same from the inside out. Our culture has stayed with us—we still bootstrap! We still fight like an underdog. We are still passionate about accomplishing the impossible, we still care about people and we still love our customers.

We are true to our roots. We have not forgotten who we are.

Our Company Mission

AMF’s mission is the never-ending pursuit toward improving individual lives—inside and outside the company—may we work to strengthen people, their respective families and their respective communities.

Our Company Vision

AMF’s vision is to be the absolute best company in our industry by amazing our customers with both impeccable value and unrelenting service, and by constant, unwavering effort to build an internal culture of team play, individual respect and regular recognition.

Whether you need Industrial or Architectural work, AMF is your go-to source.

Industrial Fabrication

AMF offers ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication services for Original Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Manufacturing and the manufacturing space in general.

Typical examples might include items such as mechanical weldments or assemblies, mechanically engineered sub-parts and/or sub-assemblies and generally designed metal job shop components. We work in industry segments that include Metal, Defense, Automotive, Transportation, Mining, Food and several other segments.


AMF offers fabrication services for complex architectural and ornamental metal projects. We combine impeccable craftsmanship with the latest in technology and fabrication equipment. We specialize in Stainless Steel and Glass Railing Systems, Interior Decorative Panels, Steeples, Aluminum Sunshades, Building Envelopes, Decorative Metal Work—all the pretty stuff like stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, blackened, patinaed and crafted metals.

We love taking stress away from our customers. We do that by hitting due dates, making sure parts are fabricated right and staying in close contact with our customers as their projects progress through the shop.

How do we do that? By utilizing the latest in ERP software scheduling, formally meeting multiple times a week to assess job status and customer concerns, utilizing a formalized continuous improvement program along with high quality assurance to get processes and jobs right

and reaching out to our customers constantly when potential issues arise.

We do that by using the latest technology including Fiber Lasers, Tube Laser, Forming, Sawing, Shearing, MIG and TIG Welding and more.

We do that by years and years of experience woven by culture, vision and values that remain the backbone of our company.

There it is—now you know About Us… What About You? Tell us about yourself, your company and let us know how we can help!

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