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Why Choose Our ACM Panels?

All Metals Fabrication has fabricated and provided Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels to installation and construction companies across the country.

We are driven to help sub-contractors succeed. Little details, like organized crates, really count as field labor is always under pressure to get the work done under budgeted hours.

In addition, we know GC mentality is unrelenting. You need an ACM panel fabricator that can deliver good parts, organized and on time!

Our methodology is focused on supporting each client individually and finding a unique solution to each specific project.
All Metals Fabrication’s ACM panels are state-of-the-art, carefully crafted panels created to meet your exact project specifications. When you partner with AMF you can be sure that you are getting the quality product that you require.

acm panels


AMF’s ACM system has been completely engineered & tested and meets key criteria such as wind load, pressure equalization, fire rating and water penetration. View and download the documented testing data here

Testing Standards

ASTM E283, E330, E331
AAMA 507-508
Wind Load Direction 5106



The ACM panels you receive from AMF come with easy installation instructions and a step-by-step guide.

Our system is progressive but none sequential, allowing for panels to be installed in any direction and allowing for individual panels to be easily replaced.

Hundreds of Thousands of square feet have been installed using this ACM system across the US.


AMF guarantees the best lead times in the industry including free shipping for any project under 1,500 square feet if not finished in 3-week turnaround time*. We know General Contractors are crazy about completion dates. Due dates and scheduling are ridiculously important. We are determined to make life as easy for sub-contractors as possible!


All ACM panels fabricated by All Metals Fabrication come in an organized fashion – clearly marked and ordered so that your installation team can sort through the crates quickly, eliminating any guess work.


View and download component details here.



View and download specifications here.


*Terms & Conditions: 3 week lead time for standard stock colors only. Lead times impacted by delayed customer approvals also apply. Force Majeure applicable in the advent of unpredictable events such as strikes, tariffs, natural disasters, etc.

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