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AMF preps to Send 3,000 Hand Sanitizing Stations to Washington, DC

Updated January 6, 2022 | July 07, 2020
hand sanitizer stand

All Metals Fabrication specializes in fabricating custom metal parts and weld assemblies, showcased by these stainless-steel hand sanitizing units we have designed and manufactured.

Hand sanitizing stations are popping up all over the country as people try to stay safe from Covid.

AMF has designed and fabricated a stainless-steel stand to be used in more high-end settings like worship houses, hospitals, luxury hotels, class A business offices, etc.

We have recently pledged 3,000 units and promised delivery on all 3,000 units in four weeks.

All Metals Fabrication uses flat laser, tube laser, forming and welding techniques to manufacture these stainless-steel sanitizing units in record time and at a very competitive price.

Even more, the labor and materials are all US made—which keeps the work on shore and guarantees the kind of quality we expect in American-made products.

For more information on stainless-steel and steel hand sanitizing stands, please contact us at

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