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Rich Marker

All Metals Fabrication Owner and CEO


Professional Background

  • Co-founder and principal at All Metals Fabrication
  • 30-year history of all thing’s metal fabrication and manufacturing
  • Primary niches include architectural and industrial metal work
  • Co-owner of a few other small businesses that are enjoyable

Specialized Proficiencies

  • Highly skilled practitioner and presenter in the following management systems:
  • Continuous improvement implementation
  • Managing conflicts inside family owned businesses
  • Metrics and accountability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Training and process improvement

Committee & Board Positions

Business Philosophy

  • Working tirelessly to implement a culture of teamwork, collaboration, improvement, quality and autonomous workspaces
  • Management philosophy hinges on people coming to work each day to do their very best
  • Management’s duty is to empower employees and make sure they have the tools needed to succeed


  • Husband to my soulmate for nearly thirty years
  • Father to four amazing children
  • Doing the right things for the right reasons
  • Belief in God!
  • Ultimate pursuit in life is seeking joy and living after the manner of happiness
  • Personal interests: fly-fishing, fly-tying, skiing, all things college sports, NY-style pizza and making my yard look great
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