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December 19, 2019

All Metals Fabrication is the undisputed Utah & Intermountain West leader in high-end commercial building guard rail. We specialize in commercial work that includes:  Stainless Steel Rail  Glass Rail  Aluminum Rail  Custom Architectural Designer Rail We set ourselves apart from the competition in several ways. A few key items are as […]

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December 17, 2019

AMF’s Tube Laser has given the company an incredible tool to fabricate high-end maintenance platforms for the customers like the US Airforce. These platforms, without disclosing too much information, were designed to assemble with light gauge tubing so that they can easily roll in and away from the aircraft. Even more, the custom-shaped platforms have […]

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Most of the world is familiar with metal roller coaster tracks. They round-shaped chunks of tube with crisscross pieces attached all along the track and often look like DNA strands twisting and turning high up into the air for all riders to excitedly, or fearfully, see and hear as the speeding cars race, again and […]

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August 15, 2019

All Metals Fabrication approaching their twenty-five-year anniversary. Back in summer 1994 the concept of starting All Metals Fabrication (AMF) was on the drawing board. Mel Marker, founder, had an idea—a vision of sorts—of starting his own place. Of course, the odds were against him. Startups are risky. He still had a young family at home […]

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July 12, 2019

Welding can be as basic as a farmer, welding repairs on his tractor, or a sophisticated as a deep-sea diver, welding nuclear grade pipe connectors. Obviously, not all welding is the same. Metal fabrication job shops, in large part, segment themselves by the quality and type of welding they commit to do. Like any expertise, […]

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This question has been asked enough in recent months that it might be worth exploring. The best explanation might start with a story. Many, many years ago we had an employee—we will call his name Frank for the purposes of this story—that was cleaning the metal drops, or remnants (the pieces left after cutting out […]

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