Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Ideas for 7-15-19

July 18, 2019

Great suggestions this week:

  • Fix the damaged wheel on the Bander in Bldg #3
  • Build a rack for pallet stickers in Bldg #3
  • Rent some big fans to move air in Bldg #3
  • Laser cut some custom wrenches with two sizes, 1 1/8″ & 11/16″ for regulator at each welder
  • Make sure printers are full of ink to assure printed pages are fully readable for work orders on the shop floor
  • Look for a new method of lifting heavy tube onto tube laser
  • Fabricate tool holder for Bldg #2
  • Standardized 9/16″ rubber shims for ACM panels
  • Setup a follow up training program for control lines
  • Create a better system to track vacation requests

Implemented suggestions this week:

  • Re-organized material stored under breezway to protect materials from weather
  • Started formal cross-training process for CNC programmers

Continuous Improvement Post for 6/17/19

June 18, 2019

Continuous Improvement Post for 6/10/19

All Metals Fabrication Continuous Improvement, Jun 10

May 23rd Continuous Improvement

May 23, 2019

The constant flow of improvements ideas is amazing!  AMF’s resolve is to keep our work away from cheap offshore labor. We want to do that by finding a better way, every day, to do our amazing work. Great job everyone!

May 6th Continuous Improvement Ideas

May 15, 2019

April 22 Continuous Improvement

April 26, 2019

Read the list attached!

Tons of improvements going on at AMF. Great ideas submitted and great ideas have been implemented. Shout out to everyone at AMF for the ideas and implementations…lets keep it going!

April 8th Continuous Improvement Updates

April 10, 2019

March 25 Continuous Improvement

March 26, 2019

Ideas are coming in regularly and we are making improvements regularly. Keep them coming in and lets find 6 Minutes in every hour we can improve!

March 18 Continuous Improvement Updates

March 18, 2019

Another great week of new ideas and implemented ideas! Lets keep up the great work!

March 11 Continuous Improvement Updates

March 14, 2019

Saving six minutes for every hour is starting to happen at AMF. We have world class people–all providing wonderful suggestions which we are implementing regularly!

Thanks everyone! Love it!