Continuous Improvement

October 5 Continuous Improvement Snapshot

November 5, 2018

AMF team…keep sending in your suggestions for improvements!

AMF Meets to Implement New Change Order and Revision Processes

October 10, 2018

Customers constantly come at us with change orders and revisions. AMF met recently to train on upgrading internal change order processes.

Continuous Improvement is constantly on display as we relentlessly improve our metal fabrication skills.

More Continuous Improvements for October

October 9, 2018

We need more suggestions…keep sending them in please!

Rich M

AMF Updates for October 3, 2018

October 3, 2018

Letter posted to AMF employees…

All Metals Fabrication

AMF is committed to becoming better.

Below is a list of progress we have made specifically regarding our high end industrial work. Our intention is to continue along this path until we can, in fact, become measurably better than any of our competitors.

In recent months we have incorporated the following:

1) New Work Order Designations that highlight High Quality Assurance level work (Yellow Work Orders).

2) The use of Bill of Materials for all copayments that require multiple (and simultaneous) value streams to complete.

a. Helps to measure quality on component parts
b. Help to move parts through the shop quicker

3) Pre-Bid meetings to determine the ability for AMF to actually fabricate the part requested.

4) Post-Award meetings to kick of job success track.

5) Outside Press Brake Training for our team in the beginning of October.

6) Plant wide meeting regarding high QA Parts and the mentality required.

7) Continued development of PQR and Welding Certifications.

8) Bi-weekly production meetings to assess plant production of all jobs.

9) Significant investment in tooling and inspection equipment.

Please continue to add your suggestions to our Continuous Improvement Hotline.

Email at or text to 801-784-3787.

Don’t forgot to add pictures!

We meet each week to go over new suggestions and follow up on implementing existing suggestions.

Continuous Improvement Ideas & Implementations September 17th…

September 19, 2018

Check out what is being suggested and implemented!

ACM Panels Fabricated Quicker

Adding bins underneath the assembly tables to hold component parts…eliminating the waste of movement. Great idea!

The Freddy

Fred Rabe came up with this ingenious idea to pull two 110 Electrical Chords into one box and create 220 power for our field welders–creates a much better weld and way less amperage on the welding machines. Great idea…we are calling these new boxes, Freddies!

Improvements Posted & Implemented from August 20th

August 29, 2018

Please send in your improvement ideas to our Continuous Improvement HOTLINE!

Text w/Pics 801-784-3787 or

Email w/pics to

Process Improvement Never Stops

AMF creates documentation and Flow Charts to track improvements.  Here are just a few. We expect these will all change over time as we get better and better at our craft.


Improvements Implemented

May 9, 2018