Employee Spotlight

8 Forms of Waste–March’s Focus is on WAITING

March 15, 2018

What is causing us to wait around? Whatever stops, pauses, halts, slows or impedes productive work needs to be imporoved!

Take time every day to consider what is going on when you feel stopped!

Send it in to our Continuous Improvement Hotline with Pics and improvement suggestions! 801.784.3787

Getting Better…March 12, 2018

We are getting better every day. We have to get better every day! Thanks for the suggestion and improvements implemented!

Doug H. Comes in Strong with Some Improvement Suggestions for Packaging ACM Panels

March 6, 2018


Big time waster having to go through all the ACM panels and re-stack and/or re-organize the panels for the building layout!

Lets find a way to organize and ship panels so they are already in order and ready to go!


Put together a Rapid Improvement Team (Doug, Gabriel, Rich, Brandon, Kalub, Joe) and lets come up with some sequencing, fabrication, labeling and packaging  ideas to make this way better. 


Justin P. Suggests Information Binders for all Welding Stations

February 15, 2018


People have questions or need information about specific weld types, welding procedures, callouts, deburring, etc.


Supply a fold/binder for each welder that includes all of the companies welding information: WPS’s, Finishes, Graining and Deburring Callouts, Symbols, Etc.