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Category: Industrial

People ask often, so what do you guys exactly make? The elevator pitch for that question, even though we have been considering it for years, is not an easy one. All things said, the one phrase that seems to resonate best is simple this: pretty-boy-metal. Admittedly, this is not exactly PC these days, but it […]

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November 17, 2020

Stainless Steel fabrication with rigorous weld requirements and contamination testing is part of AMF’s core strength! Welded assemblies were moisture tested for 24 hours to assure no carbon contamination. These parts passed, first time through, with high marks…customer quality inspector, in fact, stating that these parts are some of the best welds he has seen […]

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Tube lasers are starting to come online now with regularity. These are very big, very complex and very expensive machines—hence they have not hit the manufacturing market with the same force tradition flat sheet lasers did in the past. So, what is a tube laser? Tube Lasers are setup to laser cut light structural shapes […]

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