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December 9, 2020

AMF likes to send out customer gifts each Christmas season that are sort-of our homemade rendition of custom fabrication. One of our customer favorites over the years is the laser-cut aluminum Christmas Tree. A little hand grinding to polish the aluminum and some intricate laser cutting makes these trees a fun gift, particularly when we […]

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People ask often, so what do you guys exactly make? The elevator pitch for that question, even though we have been considering it for years, is not an easy one. All things said, the one phrase that seems to resonate best is simple this: pretty-boy-metal. Admittedly, this is not exactly PC these days, but it […]

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November 5, 2020

AMF regularly boasts about is ability to fabricate and weld stainless steel. If you pulled into our shop today, you would find all these things in production:  Stainless Steel test enclosures. Designed to test explosives and shipping to a rocket propulsion company. The stands require certified welding with approved WPI procedure, CWI inspection and […]

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