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Category: Stainless Steel Fabrication

Type 316 Stainless Steel and Type 304 Stainless Steel are not the same thing! Architects and owners are realizing, even in arid climates like Utah, that outside applications of stainless guardrails often need careful review. Why, because stainless steel, despite common misconception, is subject to corrosion and will turn brown. One of the main culprits […]

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Stainless Steel fabrication with rigorous weld requirements and contamination testing is part of AMF’s core strength! Welded assemblies were moisture tested for 24 hours to assure no carbon contamination. These parts passed, first time through, with high marks…customer quality inspector, in fact, stating that these parts are some of the best welds he has seen […]

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AMF regularly boasts about is ability to fabricate and weld stainless steel. If you pulled into our shop today, you would find all these things in production: Stainless Steel test enclosures. Designed to test explosives and shipping to a rocket propulsion company. The stands require certified welding with approved WPI procedure, CWI inspection and die-penetrant […]

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Professional Welding Please consider the type of quality you are seeking when determining who will be doing your work. Weld quality is a huge issue—both in appearance but also functionality (meaning will the weld actually hold together?) Most architectural items like railing or decorative features look best with TIG welds. TIG stands for Tungsten Inert […]

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