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Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) Says our TIG Welders are Some of the Best in the State

Author: Rich Marker | Updated April 22, 2024 | January 30, 2020 certified weld inspector, mig, tig, TIG and MIG Welding, welding, welding fabrication

All Metals Fabrication, (AMF) has internal CWI’s but occasionally, as required by our customers, we are required to hire an outside CWI to inspect our welds.

Recently, we were required to do just that, making sure an intricate aluminum frame weldment (shown partially fabricated in the picture above), used to hold an electrical assembly of batteries, circuit boards and wires, would pass our customer’s inspection requirements.

When the hired CWI came to see our welding work, something we have hired him to do on many occasions, he was, once again, impressed and emphatically stated, for the record, “AMF’s group of welders beat any shop I visit in the state—you guys do amazing stuff!”

We were, of course, honored by that comment but not satisfied.

There is always more work to be done; more improvements to be made, particularly in the metal fabrication and welding industry.

We mention it often, but metal fabrication is one of those skilled trades where technology and human craftsmanship must work together. Either one by themselves is simply not enough to stay competitive.

Welding technology advances rapidly every year—as it seems. New machines, robotic machines, new techniques and technology make the work faster and better.

Upstream technology is also vital. AMF uses the latest in laser cutting and forming processes.

For example, we recently purchase a colossal 60’ dedicate tube laser that cuts tube, angle and channel so accurately that even the most complex joints or copped assemblies are now ready-cut for welding in almost perfect condition.

Welding becomes much easier when there are not gaps, kerfs, out-of-square cuts or mis-aligned joints that need filling, extra grinding or skimming.

Even more amazing, is our tube laser will etch parts so the assembly time, during fitup, is cut by as much as 70%. It is more like putting Legos together verses measuring, tacking and fitting each piece meticulously together.

Downstream, at the weld stations themselves, AMF works hard to develop and maintain a large swath of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Records (PQR’s) for our many different types of welds.

Many will argue that aluminum weld procedures, for example D15.1 for the transportation industry, are some of the hardest to obtain. AMF has made steady progress in the last several years of getting qualified for many of these very challenging qualifications.

We work hard on welding stainless and aluminum. Many job shops shy away from these technical materials because they can be very difficult to do well.

Certified steel welders use MIG, or wire feed, welders very commonly. That is a far cry from the technical requirements for certified TIG welders—where stainless and aluminum commonly get their welds. To be clear, MIG welding can and does happen with both stainless and aluminum. Welding is an enormous field and there are tons of opinions about what is hard, what is technical and what are the best procedures.

AMF, to date, makes the most of TIG work because many of our welds must be as pretty as they are functional.

Welding, tube laser cutting, forming and fabricating are all skill sets that we excel at doing—we want you to check out what we do and hopefully you will be as impressed as the certified weld inspector that comes by to qualify our work.

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Rich Marker

All Metals Fabrication Owner and CEO

Rich Marker is an 18 year, skilled professional in metal fabrication and manufacturing. Co-founder, owner and principal of All Metals Fabrication, Rich has helped to sustain the company’s success over a variety of economic conditions. He has extensive background in continuous improvement, training and process improvement, and emotional intelligence—among other specialized proficiencies. He loves to learn, fly fish, watch college football and devour NY style pizza! He has the best family on earth, loves a good plan, great teaching and the opportunity to get better.

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