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Continuous Improvement Ideas for 7-15-19

Updated February 13, 2023 | July 18, 2019

Great suggestions this week:

  • Fix the damaged wheel on the Bander in Bldg #3
  • Build a rack for pallet stickers in Bldg #3
  • Rent some big fans to move air in Bldg #3
  • Laser cut some custom wrenches with two sizes, 1 1/8″ & 11/16″ for regulator at each welder
  • Make sure printers are full of ink to assure printed pages are fully readable for work orders on the shop floor
  • Look for a new method of lifting heavy tube onto tube laser
  • Fabricate tool holder for Bldg #2
  • Standardized 9/16″ rubber shims for ACM panels
  • Setup a follow up training program for control lines
  • Create a better system to track vacation requests

Implemented suggestions this week:

  • Re-organized material stored under breezway to protect materials from weather
  • Started formal cross-training process for CNC programmers

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