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Explanation of What 5-Axis Means for Tube Laser

March 07, 2019 | 5 axis tube laser, tube laser
tube laser

5-Axis Tube Lasers sound pretty cool but what does that actually mean?

Pictures well help explain—hopefully a few sentences will help as well.

Axis #1: Material is moved from Left to Right (or Right to Left) along the horizon, as it were, of the machine.

Axis #2: Tube Laser Head is moved from Front to Back (or Back to Front) across the material like saw cutting across a two-by-four.

Axis #3: Tube Laser Head is moved Up and Down (or Down and Up) above the material like a drill press moving up and down to drill.

Axis #4: Tube Laser Head is Pivoting on a radius (or arc) on the same horizontal plane as Axis #1 like sketching an ark with a hand compass.

Axis #5: Tube Laser Head is rotating on a 360 degree radius above the laser nozzle like an owl’s head so-to-speak.

Ultimately, with all these axis operating simultaneously, the Tube Laser can cut a huge array of shapes and sizes with cutting surfaces that are normal and angle cut to the surface of the metal.

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