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Custom Fixtures

All Metals Fabrication (AMF) works with many types of metal fabricated custom fixtures and safety guards.

Fixtures create repeatable conditions and are often used in product testing, manufacturing cells and conveying and measuring processes that require tight controls. Fixtures—and fixturing—play an essential role in both speed and repeatability of this work.

AMF has fabricated hundreds of custom fixture systems designed to lift, measure, hoist, contain, control and protect manufacturing processes. We also fabricate and supply metal fixtures for production in several key manufacturing areas:

  • Automotive
  • Light Rail Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Food Processing
  • Nutraceutical Processing
  • Robotic Manufacturing

custom fixturing

MIG Welding a Custom Steel Fixture

In these key areas, AMF has fabricated and supplied custom metal fixtures for the following projects:

  • Designed and fabricated metal assemblies that included weight scales and metal-fabricated catch basins that are used to measure and distribute cereal mixes.
  • Fabricated fixtures for welding complex assemblies in the light rail industry. These fixtures are used to hold components in place for robotic welding.
  • Created fixtures to hold assemblies in place for explosive testing.

Imagine how much faster a tube assembly could be welded together if the pieces don’t have to be individually measured as they are tacked into place.

Now a welder can fit his assembly together using the etched outline of where the next tube component part will attach—without getting out a tape measure and hand-marking each piece of tube.

Tube assemblies usually include other structural items as well—angle, channel, flat shapes. Tube lasers can cut all those shapes and often four times faster than traditional sawing and coping techniques.

Fixturing is a vital tool that helps so many industries. AMF makes use of advanced fabrication equipment like flat lasers, tube lasers, CNC forming and advanced welding to manufacture custom fixturing devices of every kind and sort.

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