Job Description:

AMF is a great company with great people! We are looking for an amazing new addition to our team. Is this you?

This job is built for a professional that enjoys specialty metal work and construction industry.

Job will include estimating labor and materials required to successfully manufacture and, in many cases, install architectural metals such as ACM Panels, Ornamental Railing Systems, Sun Shades, Architectural Elements, Wall Panels and Miscellaneous Metals.

Job will also include close interaction and relationship building with AMF’s great customers and the ability to successfully communicate via email and phone.

We are looking for and individual that has either experience as an estimator or meaningful experience as a project manager in the same described field.

Pay is negotiable and based on demonstrated experience in the industry.


AMF started in 1994 and has enjoyed reliable growth for many years because of our core values and mission. We specialize in both architectural and industrial production. (Visit our website at

AMF’s craftsmanship & metal work ships all over the country and can be found at amazing places like Ground Zero in New York City.

Aligned with our mission of improving individual lives, AMF proudly provides the best benefit package in the industry—providing 100% health care coverage for the entire family and generous 401K retirement packages.

Skills & Values:

Successful applicants must demonstrate more than platitudinal experience and effort toward our key values.   AMF’s core values include the following:

  • Integrity—doing what is right when no one is looking.
  • Team Play—recognizing team over self…willing to teach and be taught.
  • Positive Attitude—life is “Fantastic”…life is fun…can’t wait for Monday.
  • Hard Work—nose down…self-directed…self-disciplined.
  • Loyal—dedicated to family, friends and company…willing to fight for other’s success.
  • Can Do Attitude—we will figure this out…we won’t give up…never say never.

Applicant must fit AMF’s culture as a relatively small, but highly skilled company where employees work hard and are not afraid to get their hands dirty from time to time! Job candidates must be able to work well with people, be accountable for their work and adaptive to learning and change.

Experience & Education:

Applicant must have minimum of three years of experience estimating complex Architectural assemblies; five years is preferred. Or, five years of experience as a project manager for related architectural-type work; or, a four year degree in construction management from an accredited college.

Applicant must have a solid understanding of standard Architectural drawings. Candidate must demonstrate measurable aptitude in computer, communication, and organization skills and the ability to work with customers in a professional capacity, particularly when there are high pressure jobs at stake.

Applicant must provide work history with dates including: company name, address, positions held with duties, responsibilities and successes.

References are required upon request.

Background Checking

AMF does some or all of the following background checks: drug testing, criminal record, employment history, positions held, SSN verification, references, reference letters, education, degrees, credit record, professional licenses/credentials and driving record.

Applicants must send resume with work history and cover letter to

One last Thing 

We want people who are really looking for a career where great people doing great work counts for something—like making life better for everyone!

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