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Sanitizing Stations

Author: Rich Marker | Updated March 19, 2024 | June 20, 2020

The world was turned upside down by the Coronavirus which escaped from China earlier this year and stunned the world with its far reaching and adverse impacts.

“Wash your Hands” has become a comment, which was normally saved for parenting, to one we have all taken much more seriously.

Hand sanitizing stations are a part of that, “Washing!” Most of us find ourselves looking for such stations when we are out and about and find relief when we can get a quick dart of sanitizing fluid to clean our hands!

AMF has worked hard to create two hand sanitizing models that will serve most any need.

We have a professional Stainless Steel Unit, used for high end places like churches, universities, hospitals, museums and reception halls.

These sanitizing stands look professional, clean and work extremely well in settings where appearance matters.

All stainless material is USA supplied and the work, laser cutting, forming and welding, is all 100% USA manufactured, ensuring top level quality and labor for American workers impacted by the virus.

We also have a solid Steel painted model designed for everyday use with a unique criss-cross base (like a Christmas tree stand) that allows for easy shipping as the parts all attach and detach with a screw that fastens the vertical tube to the criss-cross base.

This design also saves floors!

Each touch point has a small foot pad glued to the bottom and keeps wood and tile floors from getting scratched.

In addition, this sturdy design works well with push actuated sanitizing units because its heavy base will keep the unit firmly rooted on the ground.

Like the Stainless Steel Model, the Steel model is 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA!

The Corona virus is not going away any time soon—the time has come to figure out how to work and be safe simultaneously. All our customers are happier when they can find access to a sanitizing unit.

These units are the answer for any setting and can ship in just a few days.

Parts can be ordered at

Quantity Discounts are available for larger orders!

Call us for more information.

It is time to beat Corona!

About the Author

Rich Marker

All Metals Fabrication Owner and CEO

Rich Marker is an 18 year, skilled professional in metal fabrication and manufacturing. Co-founder, owner and principal of All Metals Fabrication, Rich has helped to sustain the company’s success over a variety of economic conditions. He has extensive background in continuous improvement, training and process improvement, and emotional intelligence—among other specialized proficiencies. He loves to learn, fly fish, watch college football and devour NY style pizza! He has the best family on earth, loves a good plan, great teaching and the opportunity to get better.

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