Stainless Steel Steeple

stainless steel steepleWhat does a fifty-foot stainless steel steeple look like before it is attached atop a temple for an LDS church? It looks perfect—just ask the four architects and two contractors that showed up at our shop to inspect the steeple three times before it left in transit to Sacramento, California.

Speaking about the steeple, Vern Hancock, project supervisor from the church said the following, “It is absolutely fantastic. This is old school craftsmanship that is a rarity these days!”
The steeple sits some sixty feet, at the base, above ground level. Small defects would never be detected by patrons looking up at the majestic building but, as the inspectors explained, that was not the issue. To the LDS church and its members, these temples represent their highest form of worship. The building and the quality of its construction—even to the smallest detail—are vitally important because it reflects and symbolizes their commitment to God.
We were astonished at the inspection rigor but were thrilled to put our skills to the test and pass with the highest marks.
The steeple was eight-sided, meaning seven seams with all the curves, bumps, bends and offsets had to be laid out, laser cut, and formed perfectly to fit in such a way that the welding could be ultra tight and clean.

“The last thing we wanted on this job was to fill miss-fit angles together with blobs of welding rod,” said Dave Doxey who was the lead welder and shop foreman managing the job. “We worked out every detail in layout and design to make sure the welding worked like frosting a cake—just smooth and easy.”
After the steeple was welded and ground completely smooth, the entire surface was chemically etched to give it a stained / marble appearance that looked phenomenal. AMF stained numerous sample pieces to get the exact right color and texture envisioned by the church’s design team.

Ultimately, the many processes of design, engineering, project management and fabrication all came together—almost simultaneously—to generate a perfect final product that thrilled our customer and continues to thrill the countless visitors who travel to the site every single day.

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