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Steeples, Crosses, Finials and Accents

Steeples, crosses, decorative finial tops and custom-building accents are all architectural items that All Metals Fabrication (AMF) does well and often.

Most of these items, fabricated and installed, are signature elements designed to make that finishing -touch impression, which changes a building into a statement.

We understand signature statements mean sweating the details.

For example, we have taken the time, believe it or not, to hand-grind the stamp marks off over five hundred fasteners that were part of a custom, copper hood assembly in Sun Valley, Idaho. Image of a fastener screw for copper hood assembly

Why would we do that? Because the hood designer was insistent—she did not want one detail to interfere with the signature look of this decorative fireplace hood because it was the focal point of the room.

We have grained, to perfection, a stainless-steel steeple that was perched 80 feet in the air atop a temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not a soul would be able to see the graining from that far away, but the architects came regularly to inspect the steeple in our shop before installation. They expected perfection and we delivered!

Stainless steel, copper, bronze, zinc, aluminum—all sorts of materials and combinations can be used to create incredible architectural designs—and we can do all of it.

At AMF, we take pride in the pretty stuff and shun the common metals (no offense to our structural steel friends). We want to create architectural finishes that make your home, building, or structure look good and feel good.

Many of these features start as a vague concept. We have helped many architects and designers move their inspired ideas from concept to reality.

Over twenty-five years of experience fabricating architectural metal features has taught us more than a few lessons:

  • It is vital to consider galvanic reactions between dissimilar metals.
  • It is smart to think long-term on metal finish—say 100 years from now. Will your metal still look amazing in 100 years or will you be regretting your decision in 20 years because of rust, failing paint or distortion from years of expansion and contraction?
  • It is wise to get the job done right the first time—saving money on unvetted craftsmanship is extremely risky.
  • Detailed shop drawings are a must—vague concepts are great at first but in the end, every detail needs to be addressed through software modeling and detailed drawings.
  • Old school craftmanship and the latest in technology are an absolute must—and AMF has both—including decades of human experience combined with lasers, waterjets, CNC forming and state-of-the-art welding equipment.

This knowledge and experience make AMF the go-to solution for architectural features like steeples, cupolas, finials and custom-building accents that make a building something more—a destination.

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