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Topics & Tags: aluminum welding and fabrication

Aluminum can be manufactured in more variety than almost any other metal in the industry. People in the architectural and industrial industries seem most interested in aluminum because of its inherent combination of being both lightweight and durable. There are 7 different alloys commonly used in aluminum manufacturing. Each series starts with a number 1-7 […]

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at All Metals Fabrication is whether we can weld cast aluminum or cast steel. There are a couple of reasons why this is not possible, and this blog will give a thorough, yet quick, explanation of why this is. Impurities. Impurities are the main reason […]

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Waterjet cutting is relatively safe compared to other cutting technologies, but it still comes with its own set of hazards and special safety practices. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when working with waterjets: Eyes, ears and fingers. Waterjet cutting doesn’t present the same problems as welding and forming, but that doesn’t mean you […]

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