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Topics & Tags: metal fabrication

The metal fabrication industry has seen growth in jobs and technology over the past several years. Although there was some anticipation about possible impacts with the new administration change, overall manufacturing has seen positive growth over the past year. Let’s take a look at rising metal fabrication trends. The State of Metal As a whole, […]

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Ah yes, the title block at the bottom of the print clearly spells it out: +/- .005 fabrication tolerances for anything with three decimal places…and every dimension on the print goes out three places! But (there is always a but) how many engineers and designers realize that one little box at the bottom of their […]

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Employee safety in the industrial fabrication industry should be a paramount consideration for all companies. At AMF, we believe our employees are our most important assets, and that makes their safety our number one priority. Safety vs. Productivity When it comes to safety vs. productivity, employee safety should always be the clear winner. In fact, […]

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