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Tube Lasers are making everyday fabrication easier, faster, less expensive. Many of our customers do not realize that All Metals Fabrication’s (AMF) Tube Laser is changing everyday fabrication—making even old-school fabrication work much easier, faster and less expensive. Ultimately, this is an enormous benefit to our customers because we can fabricate higher-quality parts while simultaneously […]

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Tube lasers do battle with tradition fabrication methods very well! Sawing, deburring, coping, mitering, drilling are common fabrication processes, but one might question how tube lasers stack up against the likes of traditional machining centers. The answer—very well. Frankly, the main issue when comparing a tube laser to a machine center is tolerance. Dedicated tube […]

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Take Advantage of Dedicated, Big-Time, 5 Axis Tube Laser Technology AMF has a fully functional 60’, 5-Axis Tube Laser that wants to EAT work for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks! SERIOUSLY, stop and think about EACH of the following questions: 1) Do you have any long lengths of Angle, Channel, Round, Rectangular or Square […]

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