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Tube Laser Work in Real Life

Author: Rich Marker | Updated April 22, 2024 | January 25, 2018 real world tube laser work, tube laser

AMF recently won a job from a very significant customer with a worldwide footprint. They wanted approximately 150 each of these vanity support brackets (see drawing) and requested a price.

When we gave them our bid they were surprised at the price. Too low, they thought – and they wanted to be sure we had everything covered. (We did!)

Here’s why:

The part is designed for angle iron but because of the 10 EA holes that need drilling into the angle (a major pain in the booty) the customer is willing to concede making the part from flat sheet metal and break-forming the bend. (See Highlight #1 on the print)

Still, they are asking for the edges to be ground smooth—actual call out is a 1/8-inch radius. (See Highlight #2 on the print)

The buyer and engineer have been trained over the years by fabricators that this part would be easier to make from flat sheet metal than angle iron. (That training needs to be re-done, and new possibilities need to be considered!)

AMF tube laser drawing

With the tube laser, none of these issues exist!

• Tube lasers can cut angle iron easily.

• Tube lasers can cut hole or slots into the angle iron flanges easily (and very accurately!)

• Tube lasers can miter the 45-degree joint easily, while simultaneously chamfer the cut prepped for welding with its 5-axis cutting head.

This is a relatively simple part even with the workaround – but the point is that real-world tube laser technology takes a simple part and makes it even simpler AND less expensive.

Think about it.

Stop for a minute and consider what simple parts can get even simpler with this technology, and you are just scratching the surface of what can be done! Our expert metal fabricators can bring your next project to life. Contact us.

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