Features & Benefits

The 5-axis Tube Laser comes with impressive features that are changing the way our industry does business. Carefully read below. You will see, cascading downward, the link from a cool, tube laser feature all the way down to the bottom-line, real, benefit!

Check out these features and benefits for yourself.

Features Advantages

Diverse Capabilities

5-Axis cutting ability allows the Tube Laser to easily cut miters, copes, holes, slots, chamfers and hole-taps at one work station.

Replaces the combination of labor setup & run times at multiple work centers: saw, coping machine, drill press, mill, plasma, etc.

It also eliminates the waste of handling the material multiple times between work centers.

It also saves on valuable shop space.

Precision cuts

5-Axis Tube Lasers cut very precisely, easily capable of cutting +/-.01.

Eliminates the natural error that often happens in less technical fabrication processes like sawing, drilling or coping.

Part assemblies will weld sometimes 40-50% faster–no gaps to fill with weld, no saw blade deflections or kerf to manage.

No hand marking or fixture setup required.

Variety of shapes

5-Axis Tube Lasers cut a variety of shapes: round, square, rectangle, tube, c-channel, angle

Lengths and shapes are usually hard to manage, hard to move around the shop and hard to fabricate.

Besides tube, think about angle and channel.

Any custom angle cut, any custom mitre, any hole or slot can be done so much easier on the tube laser vs old methods.


  • Saves extraordinary amounts of money

  • Saves incredible amounts of time

  • Improves working space in your shop providing space for both more work and more efficiency of work

  • Frees up labor to do other important jobs

“Time is money and with AMF Tube Laser we saved both!”

-Brian Larsen