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What We Do

All Metals Fabrication (AMF) was founded in 1994. Our top tier work can be found throughout the country and includes metal work at prestigious landmarks, such as Ground Zero in New York City. You see our work inside of light rail train cars, on roller coaster amusement rides and atop skyscrapers in big city office buildings.

Our two core market segments include Industrial/OEM Fabrication and Architectural Metal Fabrication. We are industry experts in both and work with all types of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, composites and other metals.

Services & Capabilities


Industrial Offering

  • Sheet Metal Weldment & Assemblies
  • Tube Weldment & Assemblies
  • Frames
  • Fixtures
  • Supports

Architectural Offering

  • Steeples
  • Sunsheets
  • Stainless, Aluminum & Glass Railing Systems
  • Custom Stainless, Aluminum & ACM Architectural Panels
  • Building Envelope Components & Supports
  • Copper, Aluminum & Stainless-steel Accessories
  • Custom Architectural Elements
  • Countertops, Backsplashes, Internal Wall Panels

Industries Served

  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Cleanroom
  • Health Care

We combine the latest in fabrication technology, techniques and methods with real people craftsmanship.

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“Compared to other suppliers, AMF is the most reliable and cost-effective solution that we have found. The quality of their work is simply great!”
Matt Mikkelsen | Futura Industries
“You guys are a great partner for Jacobsen Construction. We appreciate all you do.”
Cory Hawke | Jacobsen Construction

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