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Why are welding maps important?


Welding maps are a critical component to any industrial metal project. It is easy to confuse fabrication drawings for weld maps, but in reality they are two separate components to the metal fabrication process.

As a general rule, welding maps assist in identifying weld joints in a given component. This includes weld joint configuration (for example, open root butt, square butt joints, V-joints, J-joints and U-joints) and the welder responsible for doing the weld. A weld map also shows areas that will be used for visual or nondestructive testing (NDT) once welding is completed.

Think of a weld map as a post-welding checklist. It provides evidence of project completion and can be compared to the original fabrication drawings or specifications. By comparing these two checklists, it is easy for an inspector to ensure everything has been finished according to industry regulations and standards.


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