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Metal Fabrication Finishing Services: Deburring, Polishing and Painting
Deburring and polishing are key finishing processes in metal fabrication, necessary before the final step of painting.



Deburring removes burrs that may occur during metal fabrication. Although burrs are usually minor, they can cause assembly issues or damage the integrity of finished parts if not removed. The deburring process eliminates these potential hazards.

Deburring includes a variety of manual and mechanical processes:

  • Cutting: Drills, files, scrapers, brushes, bonded abrasive methods, mechanical edgers or machine deburring.
  • Power brushing: Uses metal filament brushes in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Fast and cost-effective.
  • Bonded abrasive finishing: A sanding method that uses belts, sheets, pads, disks or wheels. The most common abrasives are aluminum oxides, silicon carbide, or zirconia compounds.
  • Abrasive blasting: Propelled by air pressure, abrasive blasting can be done wet or dry.
  • Mass finishing allows multiple parts to be deburred and finished simultaneously. This may be the final step in the finishing process for functional parts. Methods include vibratory finishing, barrel tumbling, and centrifugal finishing.
  • Electropolishing is a non-mechanical, non-distorting deburring method that is often used to remove burrs from complex or fragile parts.

The appropriate deburring process depends on the size and shape of the burr, and what it will take to remove it without damaging the fabricated metal part. All Metals’ skilled fabricators can determine the best deburring and finishing processes to achieve precision parts.



This metal finishing process is one of the final steps of fabrication, after laser cutting, forming or bending, deburring and other metal fabrication processes. Polishing removes any remaining miniscule burrs, and then buffs it to a final finish. The end goal of metal polishing is a smooth surface that suits your project.

Metal polishing utilizes an abrasive compound adhered to a wheel or belt that provides friction. The condition of the metal at the beginning of the polishing process is what determines the type of abrasive that we will be used to create the desired finish. We have both in house expertise and key vendor relationships to accomplish nearly any desired metal finish, from #3 graining to #8 mirror and everything in between.

All Metals Fabrication offers a full range of fabricating and finishing services, including laser cutting, bending, forming, deburring, polishing and painting. Being a one-stop shop means you can rely on quality processes from beginning to end of your metal fabrication project.

Ready to discover how our precision processes can provide the finishing touches to your metal fabrication project? Request a quote here and one of our expert sales and estimating staff members will be happy to walk you through your next project.



Choosing a paint finish is an essential step in the metal fabrication process. The right paint finish can prolong the lifespan of metal parts and improve appearance. We have both in house knowledge and key vendor relationships to accomplish painting as simple as primer coats and as extensive as Kynar and enamel paints. We are qualified to offer the best paint quality and protection for any type of metal or project.

Applying paint to sheet metal is similar to applying paint to other surfaces. We begin with a clean metal surface to eliminate any debris or rust, then apply a rust-inhibiting primer on ferrous metals. The primer coat is followed by multiple layers of paint, and finish with a protective coating. We can paint ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Painting and top coat services include:

  • Zinc-rich primer
  • Water-based latex primers
  • Epoxy
  • Urethanes
  • Military-compliant CARC finishes

Our design team and engineers will work with you to decide which paint finish best suits your metal fabrication project and budget. Talk to a project manager to discover the best metal finishing application for your project.

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