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Industrial Metal Works Fabrication

Industrial metal works fabrication includes multiple segments of work but is meant to include OEM components, low-volume or even one-off industrial weldments and/or assemblies, physical facility parts and general metal fabrication. This world includes mechanically engineered drawings, CAD models, careful material tracing, tolerances, quality control, process control, revisions, engineering changes and more—AMF excels at this type of work and recognizes the key performance metrics associated with success: namely, on-time delivery, quality workmanship and rapid responses.

Industrial Metal Works Fabrication

Types of Industrial Metal Fabrication

Although impossible to showcase every type of industry and fabrication we offer, we have many examples listed below. Sheet weldments, tube weldments, frames, fixtures, supports, OEM parts and components, or a combination of all those things, are everyday fabrication events at our facility.

We, of course, work with steel regularly but may be even more skilled fabricating stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, zinc and other metal types.

Our Core Services


All Metals Fabrication utilizes the latest and best practices in the manufacturing industry with a quick turn around time.

We do much more than give lip service to terms like lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, quality mission statements and 5S. We inhale these terms and love to share our journey with customers that tour our facilities.

AMF, for example, averages over seven-hundred-and-fifty continuous improvement implementations a year. That number continues to grow as this CI culture embeds deeper and deeper into our manufacturing DNA.

AMF manages process control at every work center and has a deeply engaged workforce that participates consistently in daily standup meetings, weekly production meetings and monthly management review meetings.

We focus on communication, process control, company mission and values and all that combines to make AMF a formidable player in today’s competitive fabrication industry making our clients top priority.

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