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Sheet Metal Forming

Curves, bends, and other shapes require the right equipment, tools, and experienced fabricators to ensure the job is done right. When fabrication requires something other than a flat surface, you can count on All Metals Fabrication (AMF) for precise, efficient and cost-effective metal forming services:

Sheet metal being formed

What is Sheet Metal Forming?

In sheet metal forming, a piece of sheet metal is deformed into a desired shape using various applied forces by specialized equipment. The process does not remove any material, but instead modifies the sheets geometry. Incredibly, sheet metal can be bent, formed and stretched into a variety of complex structures while maintaining its strength.

Metal formed parts are found everywhere, from metal cans to rollercoasters. Generally, sheet metal forming is the most cost-effective process for manufacturing workpieces in large quantities. It is a very adaptive method to create precise metal components with little waste.

Sheet Metal Forming in action

AMF—Precision Sheet Metal Forming at its Finest

By utilizing the correct processes and equipment, we form aluminum, steel, stainless steel and a variety of other metals, including copper and brass.

Our precision sheet metal forming operations can generate multiple, intricate and complex bends in sheet metal—all while maintaining impeccable accuracy. You can rest peacefully knowing that the expert craftsman in our metal fabrication facility work closely with project engineers and designers to make sure that your project is delivered on time and precisely to specification.

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Our sheet metal forming services include:

Angle Bending

When your project needs a curve, a circle or a perfect right angle, our angle bending services get the job done. Whether you need a flange, a fitting or a fan housing, we can meet your exact specifications.

Brake Forming

Getting a precise bend on a sheet of metal along an axis requires the use of brake forming. From simple angles to complex pieces, we can manufacture products for almost any industry, including agricultural, military, aviation and more.

Channel Bending

Some projects require slight modifications to standard manufactured channels. Whether you want the flanges in or out, and whether your project is small- or large-scale, we can perform channel bending to your expectations.

Sheet Metal Rolling

The goal of sheet metal rolling is to produce finished workpieces that are full or partially cylindrical. Our services result in products that can be utilized as metal sleeves, collars, half shells, duct work and pipe strapping, as well as many other uses.

Tube Rolling

Tube rolling is the process of turning a flat sheet of metal into a smooth, curved tube. Some of the applications common to tube rolling products include fence posts and construction products. We roll materials including steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

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