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Sheet Metal Forming

Bends, turns, curves and other formed shapes, in today’s sophisticated fabrication world, require a solid combination of high-end forming machines, precision tooling, experienced operators and sophisticated programmers. All Metals Fabrication (AMF) successfully utilizies all of these critical components to drive precise, efficient and cost-effective metal forming services:

Sheet metal being formed

What is Sheet Metal Forming?

Sheet metal forming started with blacksmith hammers and anvils. Banging metal into shapes around anvils has, gratefully, become much more sophisticated. Modern forming now uses specialized forming equipment. Incredibly, sheet metal can be bent, formed and stretched into a wide variety of complex shapes while maintaining it’s original strength.

Metal formed parts are found everywhere, from metal cans to rollercoasters. Generally, sheet metal forming is the most cost-effective process for manufacturing workpieces in large quantities. It is a very adaptive method to create precise metal components with little waste.

Sheet Metal Forming in action

AMF—Precision Sheet Metal Forming at its Finest

By utilizing the latest in programming, processes and equipment, we successfully form aluminum, steel, stainless steel and a variety of other metals, including copper and brass.

Our precision sheet metal forming operations can generate multiple, intricate and complex bends in sheet metal—all while maintaining impeccable accuracy. You can rest peacefully knowing that the expert craftsman in our metal fabrication facility work closely with project engineers and programmers to make sure that your project is delivered on time and to precise specification.

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Our sheet metal forming services include:

Precision CAD Modeling

AMF employs the latest in CAD modeling and forming simulation software to make sure forming requirements are possible before being released onto the shop floor. This saves both time and money and keeps us from cutting parts that cannot be formed accurately.

Advanced Tooling

AMF uses the latest in tooling, adding constantly to our library of punches and bottom dies. Do you have a special job that requires special tooling? AMF works with customers to get the right dies on the floor for accurate, precise and fast forming processes.

Advanced Forming Equipment

AMF uses a wide variety of press braking machines, including large hydraulic brakes and small electric brakes, to best manage the variety of workload that our customers require.

Programming is done, in advance, and electronically uploaded into our machines to assure parts are accurately modeled and ready for production when they arrive at the machine.

Quality & Precision Work

Four, Five & Six axis backgauges on our machines, combined with simulation screens directly at the press brakes, are a great asset for forming parts accurately and repeatably for our customer’s most complex parts.

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