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Architectural Metal Fabrication

Architectural Metal Fabrication is a highly specialized niche where the cliché, form-and-function, really hits the mark. Architectural metal must look visually spectacular while simultaneously perform to the highest fabrication and high quality engineering standards. Architectural metal requires the rare combination of technology, experience, quality and craftmanship—any one ingredient missing will spoil the entire mix. This is particularly true in today’s modern construction environment.

All Metals Fabrication engages in the entire spectrum of quoting, engineering, shop drawing, fabrication and installation—whether working directly under the general architects and contractors or under a specialty sub-contractor or specialty supplier by bringing visions to life.

Architectural Metal Fabrication

Types of Architectural Metal Fabrication

Take a minute, below, to review the many types of architectural metal fabrication AMF offers. We understand the world of contracts, critical path, pesky project management and liquidated damages. This understanding gives us a real advantage over non-specialized metal shops. Give us a chance to prove our grit and know-how to your construction-related work.

Our Core Services


All Metals Fabrication utilizes the latest and best practices for both the construction and manufacturing industry by merging them together in custom metal fabrications.

Using our construction expertise, we focus on lean construction, RFI’s, ASI’s, change orders, project management, field supervision, safety, critical path scheduling and allocation of manpower.

Using our manufacturing expertise, we focus on lean principles, ISO quality assurance, process control, one piece flow, material traceability, on-time delivery, work orders, routers and ERP systems with attention to detail, in order to produce high quality products.

This one-two combination of construction and in-house manufacturing capacity make us truly unique in the architectural steel space. Why, because we control all our work which assures both impeccable quality and on-time performance.

Even more, woven through all our expertise we include technology: Revit Modeling, Solidworks Modeling, Bluebeam PDF management, ERP Systems and more.

The combination of process control, technology, craftmanship, custom fabrications and experience make AMF a formidable player in the architectural metal space. Request a quote or more information right now.


Despite the technology advances in construction and modern-day fabrication, the final word is still, we believe, craftsmanship and putting our heart and name into the work. That is where you will find AMF’s convictions. We will never claim perfection, but we will claim that never-ending tug to be our very best—for every day’s completed work and for every metal project that displays our name. That is where we started…and that is where we will end.

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