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Sun Shades

Sunshades have become a vital part of commercial construction.

Most commercial construction sunshades are engineered to protect shadeless windows from the sun’s powerful energy and penetrating heat in the summer, while the sun is high in the sky. In the winter, when the sun is much lower, because of their position above the windows, these shades also allow the sunlight to enter into and heat the building.

This clever dual design, as it were, has made sunshades a very common asset in managing sunlight and rising temperatures. Amazingly, in addition to the practical benefits of sun control, and because of architectural creativity in design and implementation, many of these sunshades also add fantastic visual impact to the building.

All Metals Fabrication (AMF) specializes in custom fabricated sunshades. We make it possible for architects, owners and contractors to design unique and custom, sun control systems.

This might mean custom colors, custom materials, like stainless steel, aluminum or even zinc, or it might mean custom shapes and sizes. AMF can manage any assortment of complexity with shocking ease.

Why? For starters, AMF has its own, in-house tube laser that will rapidly and perfectly cut all types of tube, bar or custom extrusions. Imagine the advantage of a 5-axis tube laser that can cut angle-specific miters and copes on crazy extrusions like airfoil blades or obround tubes.

Stainless steel, copper, bronze, zinc, aluminum—all sorts of materials and combinations can be used to create incredible architectural designs—and we can do all of it.

At AMF, we take pride in the pretty stuff and shun the common metals (no offense to our structural steel friends). We want to create architectural finishes that make your home, building, or structure look good and feel good.

High-end welding capacity, on top of laser cutting and precision bending, allows AMF to tackle nearly any design. Architects can run wild with their imagination and we can nearly always hit these types of custom designs out of the park.

Even more, because we have so much experience in the construction industry, we are able to design-assist sunshade concepts that can move from looking good on paper, to looking extraordinary on a real-life building.

We readily understand questions like, “How will the sunshades connect to the building envelope?” Weight, attachment, anodizing and Kynar painting solutions—all considerations we recognize are important.

Shop drawings and models are also no problem.

AMF is equipped to design-assist, manufacture and even install sunshade systems that will last for decades.

Contact us at and let us know how we can help you be successful on your next project.

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