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Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

When your metal fabrication project requires small or large quantities of accurately finished parts, flat sheet metal laser cutting is the answer. With flat sheet lasering, we’re able to cut parts quickly and with precision.

Since 1996, All Metals Fabrication (AMF) has performed precision flat sheet laser cutting services, on time and on budget. Our team members work closely with you from design to final product to ensure each project is completed to your exact specifications.

Flat Sheet Laser Cutting in action

Flat Sheet Laser Cutting–What and Why

Flat Sheet Laser cutting machine is a highly precise metal fabrication cutting process that has revolutionized the fabrication industry.  Laser cutting takes on, believe it or not, Star Wars like cutting technology when considering that laser beams actually melt and then blast through metal sheet and plate, cutting holes, slots, straight lines, zig-zags and every geometric combination imaginable with ultra-precise dimensions and very clean edges.

Laser cutting is common in today’s metal fabrication world, but newer, more powerful, fiber lasers are taking the industry by storm because of their speed.

CO2 lasers still have their place, but fiber lasers are becoming the main event, like heavy-weight boxers, as they maximize both speed and power in the same breath.

AMF couples their fiber laser machines with automated towers that stack and un-stack metal.

This is an unbeatable combination that delivers incredible benefits to our customers: supremely-competitive pricing, super-fast lead times and dead-eye accuracy.

It also gives us the flexibility to serve customers with very large orders, and the opposite, customers with smaller-sized orders.

AMF has the ultimate solution for laser cutting and job shop manufacturing: speed, flexibility, consistency and dependability!

When you need complex parts cut with perfect accuracy, look no further than AMF.

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cutting a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel and titanium

Using 10kW of Fiber Laser power, we can cut stainless steel, aluminum and steel plate up to 1.00” thick!


Today’s high-power fiber lasers cut so fast that they out-pace human loading and off-loading. Automation turns fast into lightspeed fast!

They are also bullseye accurate, cutting shapes and sizes inside of .010 tolerances.

Even more, they save on energy compared to older laser technology.

Finally, they are extremely versatile, allowing for laser cutting on virtually any metal type. Older CO2 lasers, for example, could not cut reflective metals like copper or brass (even heavy aluminum plate would cause reflective issues), because the laser beams would reflect back into the mirrors and ruin the machines.

All these features translate into big wins and smiles for our customers because of the following benefits:

  1. Super-competitive pricing
  2. Extremely short lead times
  3. Measurably consistent quality
  4. Very diverse capabilities in cutting metal types including stainless steel and aluminum
  5. Comfortably capable of cutting thicknesses of up to 1.00” in all material types
  6. Highly predictable and consistent pricing
  7. Way less stress for our customers

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