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Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

When your metal fabrication project requires small or large quantities of accurately finished parts, flat sheet laser cutting is the answer. With flat sheet lasering, we’re able to cut parts quickly and with precision.

Since 1996, All Metals Fabrication (AMF) has performed precision flat sheet laser cutting services, on time and on budget. Our team members work closely with you from design to final product to ensure each project is completed to your exact specifications.

Flat Sheet Laser Cutting in action

Flat Sheet Laser Cutting–What and Why

Flat Sheet Laser cutting is a highly precise metal fabrication process that improves efficiencies, eliminates steps and reduces waste in the sheet metal cutting process. Simply put, this highly technical manufacturing process saves time and money. Used to cut sheet metal accurately, flat sheet laser cutting employs a focused laser beam that meets and then melts sheet metal, allowing for super clean edge quality and better control over the cut material. Our 2D flat sheet laser cutting process provides solutions for small or large-quantity projects, offering clean cuts, tight tolerances and repeatable results without the need for any additional tooling.

When you need complex parts cut with perfect accuracy, look no further than AMF.

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cutting a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel and titanium

We cut a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel and titanium, in a wide range of thicknesses, no matter the part you need manufactured. Considerations such as metal thickness are addressed when choosing the best cutting methods.

The 7 Benefits of Flat Sheet Laser Cutting

Laser cutting presents certain advantages over traditional plasma cutting, as the process increases precision, reduces manufacturing costs and saves energy when cutting steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum sheets.


Flat sheet laser cutting is highly automated, especially with more advanced machines such as those we maintain at AMF.

Cost Savings

Due to the increased cutting speed and elimination of retooling, flat sheet laser cutting allows for optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness.


The precision cuts and edge quality achieved with flat sheet laser cutting machines are better than traditional cutting methods, as the laser beam will not wear down during the cutting process.

Energy Efficient

Considered more energy efficient, flat sheet laser cutters require less time and resulting energy usage—mainly due to the faster speed of cutting.


Due to its very nature, laser technology creates an extremely precise, clean cut. Flat sheet laser cutting reduces waste.


Flat sheet laser cutting is faster than traditional cutting machines, especially when complex cuts are required. In addition, change outs between projects are much more efficient.


Flat sheet laser cutting technology allows the cutting of complex shapes and patterns without retooling—and at a faster speed than other methods.

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