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Millwork, Decorative and Ornamental Metal

All Metals Fabrication (AMF) is a go-to-source for attaching ornamental metal for millwork companies—and we work with some of the most renowned millwork companies in the country.

Where will you find our decorative metal attached to millwork? Here’s just a few places of the hundreds, if not thousands of locations where our work is on proud display:

  • Apple stores
  • Zumiez stores
  • Nike Headquarters
  • University of Texas basketball stadium
  • San Francisco Federal Courthouse
  • San Francisco 49ers football stadium
  • Utah Jazz basketball stadium
  • Historic Salt Lake City Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Ground Zero Museum in New York City

Indeed, AMF’s millwork decorative metals can be found throughout the United States in conference centers, athletic stadiums, museums, court houses, casinos, professional buildings, retail stores and more.

AMF has a stronghold in this category of business for one key reason—we understand and excel at fabricating pretty metal!

Yes, we are “pretty-boy” metal fabricators—which, as anyone in the metal fabrication business knows—is not the norm. We take the rough-and-tumble metal world and serve it up with wine and cheese.

Fabricating pretty metal takes a special touch that few, old-school shops truly understand, which means

  • Handling material with extra hands when sliding it across machinery to make sure it does not get scratched.
  • Every weld must be tightly controlled—and often invisible.
  • Doing work that is hard and inconvenient because that is what architects usually require.
  • Every packaged part needs extra protection to make sure it is not damaged during shipment.
  • Paying attention to the tiniest of details that most fabricators never consider.

We work with millwork companies across the country on stainless steel, copper, steel, blackened steel, Corten and every other brass, bronze or fancy metal conceivable.

Wall panels, desk covers, column covers, railings, partitions and decorative elements only architects can conceive—all these types of fabrication are strongly suited for AMF’s skills and talents.

We can use shop drawings provided from our customers or we can create our own 3D shop models. Often, we do both to make sure we are on the same page with our many millwork partners.

AMF offers many other key benefits to our millwork partners, in addition to our ability to fabricate pretty metal, which include:

  1. Commitments to Lead Times and Due Dates: AMF uses a full-blown, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system, combined with daily huddles between all shop personnel, to manage job scheduling. In addition, AMF has twice-a-week, project manager meetings to plan, forecast and assess shop floor demand.All of this is to manage rigorous, ever-changing construction schedules—which we all understand are moving constantly in this industry.

  • We work extremely hard as a company to manage demand and due dates—we don’t take jobs we can’t handle and we manage—every single day—the jobs that are in our system.
  1. Quality: We have talked at length about our attention to pretty metal. On top of that attention, however, AMF has our own, in-house Quality Assurance Director who reports directly to the company president.As a company, we spend endless hours working on, quantifying and qualifying our processes. This includes ISO certifications, endless welding certifications, cause and effect diagrams, continuous improvement systems and a commitment to making parts right.Quality is an enormous part of our work because we recognize how time-consuming and expensive reworks, stops and pauses are—not only to our own work—but to the work we send to our amazing customers.

We also realize that cheap parts become very expensive to our customers when corners are cut or if incorrect parts are delivered to the job site.

  • Shop Drawings: Many millwork companies have their own shop drawings. However, AMF will often, at the request of customers, do our own fabrication drawings to make sure everyone is on the same page.We do all our shop drawings in model format, which gives our customers the ability to see all their upcoming parts in 3D formatting.
  • 3D and Building Information Modeling (BIM) work continues to gain popularity in the construction industry because these types of drawings are so much easier to read and understand. It allows for fantastic collaboration before the job starts and before it is too late to make changes.

    These collaborative efforts often lead to less waste and fewer questions downstream. These types of decisions can make or break a project before the job even starts.

  1. Part Labeling and Professional Palletizing: AMF takes packaging as seriously as we take fabricating.Again, we are keenly aware that time on the job site is very valuable. Time wasted looking for, sorting and trying to find parts is not only frustrating, but it can actually crush a job and result in wasted efforts or mis-installed parts. We work attentively during the shop drawing phase to plan how and where parts will be labeled.In addition to labeling, AMF works meticulously to ensure the parts get to the job site in great shape, without dings, dents, scratches or blemishes.We employ great workers and have a work center strictly dedicated to packaging, wrapping, palletizing and organizing parts.

AMF loves to partner with millwork contractors to create amazing architectural projects. Sometimes the most important part of a millwork project are the metal accessories and the metal supports system to make sure everything stays supported and together.

Whether we are fabricating the guts or the finish product, AMF is the winning choice to create a successful job.

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