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Frames and Skeletons

Frames and skeletons, as we like to call them, are products most of us see regularly but may not always recognize. Door frames, enclosure frames, wall skeletons—these types of frames make up so much of what is fabricated, constructed and utilized in the world of manufacturing.

All Metals Fabrication (AMF) fabricates a considerable number of metal frames for all sorts of applications.

This aluminum frame (see pic) represents a support for a power supply. Inside the frame, our customer will eventually set thousands of wire harnesses to convey power to their machinery.

Aluminum frames are popular because they’re lightweight and very strong.

Some examples of fabricated frames include:

  • Enclosures
  • Clean rooms
  • Carts
  • Canopies
  • Curtain walls
  • Building envelopes
  • Church pews
  • Booths
  • Pergolas
  • Mechanical covers

frames skeletons fabrication

Aluminum Electrical Frame for Wire-Harness Enclosure

Metal frames and skeletons come in unlimited shapes and sizes and use tube, angle, sheet metal and a hundred other material types.

Despite that complexity, AMF verifies the following:

  1. All the components are welded or assembled plumb and straight. Welding almost always introduces warping. Careful weld planning and fixturing are needed on most precision fabricated frames to make sure the welding does not warp the frame out of square.
  2. The assemblies are fabricated to print. It is so easy to get frame components backwards or mixed up because they often look identical, with the small exception of mirrored cutting.
  3. All material edges are square cut and free of burrs, welding marks and grinding issues.

We are proud to say that we have both frames and skeletons in our closet. Find out more about our skeletons by contacting us today!

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