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Platforms and Supports

Platforms and supports fabrication make up so much of our work. And platforms can be, surprisingly to some, extremely intricate.

At All Metals Fabrication (AMF), we have extensive experience fabricating platforms and supports for a variety of businesses.

We fabricated platforms for the aerospace industry where the inside shape of the platform outlines a US fighter jet. These platforms were designed with hydraulic lifting to allow crews—along with their repair equipment—to load from the ground and then transport up to the maintenance area of the jet airplane. This way, the maintenance crew could use these platforms to maneuver around the jet without using small, rolling platforms with ladders.

AMF fabricated intricate stainless steel platforms for large 500-gallon yogurt vats. These platforms, which stood nearly forty feet in the air and spanned twenty-foot lengths, were big enough that the job required dropping them through a specially-designed rooftop-opening.

AMF also fabricated an oversized stainless steel platform for a vegetarian food processing plant. The specifications presented design and installation challenges because of the platform’s size requirements. The 80-by-60-foot platform, standing 30 feet in the air, had to fit through a 12-by-12-foot door.

platforms supports fabrication

80 x 60 Stainless Steel Platform Installed Piece-by-Piece, as Each Assembly Had to Fit Through a 12 x 12 Overhead Door*

Each piece, component and part assembly—tubing, railing, grating, toe kicks, etc.—had to be designed and manufactured so it could be carried through the door and eventually assembled inside the production plant.

Supports and platforms come in all shapes, sizes and material types—large and small, intricate and basic.

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Whether you need a large industrial platform or a custom-designed work stand, AMF has the experience to take on any challenge. Our expert team approaches every project with a steadfast attention to detail. Contact us today to learn more. Or, go ahead and request a quote and we’ll be in touch!

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