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Sheet Metal Assemblies & Weldments

Sheet metal assemblies and weldments may well be the number one core offering that All Metals Fabrication (AMF) offers to our wide array of amazing customers.

We love creating Bill of Material (BOM) work orders that dial down assemblies into parent, children and grandchildren parts (even great grandchildren parts know their way around AMF).

AMF will commonly fabricate assemblies that require multiple sheet metal parts.

Often times, we create a flow chart (see pic) and/or spreadsheets to track the way individual parts come together.

Buy-out parts with various lead times are an essential component of charting a BOM to make sure we hit our customers’ due dates.

sheet metal assemblies

Example of Flow Chart and Spreadsheet of BOM Components Used for Custom Fabricated Aluminum Enclosure

sheet metal assemblies

Fabricated Sheet Metal Assembly and Aluminum Enclosure with More Than 20 Individual Parts.

Many parts have different processes. Some get laser cut and formed. Others get welded before being assembled into the final parent assembly.

Keeping all the weldments organized in child form helps AMF create value for our customers in many ways:

  • Scheduling—making sure we deliver our work on time.
  • Efficiency—similar sub assemblies from different parent jobs can be grouped in laser nests and subsequent fabrication work centers, such as forming or welding.
  • Simplicity—simplifying parts and processers is the mother of efficiency and the precursor to better quotes and budgets for our customers.
  • Quality—sub-assembled parts can be checked individually before getting installed into the parent assembly. Catching errors early not only ensures the entire assembly is right but also keeps the manufacturing process rolling forward on other items while potentially repairing a various sub assembly on its own accord.

Sheet metal weldments and assemblies come in all shapes, sizes and complexities. AMF continuously seeks to improve the manufacturing craft of making the hard look simple.

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