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Benefits and Features

The 5-axis Tube Laser comes with impressive features that are changing the way our industry does business. Carefully read below. You will see, cascading downward, the link from a cool, tube laser feature all the way down to the bottom-line, real, benefit!

Check out these features and benefits for yourself.

Tube Laser Benefits

Our 5-axis tube laser comes with a tremendous list of features to offer our customers. Honestly, the benefits are expansive—even game changing as we often say—but are often overlooked or not understood by many in the industry. We encourage our customers to hit the pause button on traditional thinking and consider how tube laser technology will truly lower costs and improve results, in less time. Please consider these benefits:

  • Mitered, coped or angle cuts that are exact. Tube lasers make miters and joints so exact, particularly compared to traditional saw cutting or coping, that downstream welding is 30-50% faster! This has been proven over and over again. Precision cutting leads to efficiencies that are hard to imagine and often overlooked.
  • One work center—verses two or three work centers. A tube laser will replace sawing, drilling and coping machines. Imagine the time savings when one machine can handle the work of three machines. One setup, one set of material handling.
  • Extremely accurate hole & slot cutting. Tube lasers cut at tolerances that approach the machining industry, yet at three or four times faster. Parts with slots and holes get done much, much faster.
  • Hole tapping—again, using a tube laser we are able to avoid two processes, saw cutting and drilling: one machine and one setup.
  • Tube Lasers can cut through more than just tube—this is often not understood. Angle, Channel, Obround, Square, Rectangle—all of these shapes can be accurately and quickly cut to perfection.

The Tube Laser Advantage

Diverse Capabilities

5-Axis Tube Lasers easily cut miters, copes, holes, slots, chamfers and hole-taps, all at one work station.

Replaces the combination of labor setup & run times at multiple work centers: saw, coping machine, drill press, mill, plasma, etc.

It also eliminates the waste of handling the material multiple times between work centers.

It also saves on valuable shop space.

Precision Cuts

5-Axis Tube Lasers are incredibly precise—capable of cutting at tolerances of +/- 0.01”.

Eliminates the natural error that often happens in less technical fabrication processes like sawing, drilling or coping.

Part assemblies will weld sometimes 40-50% faster–no gaps to fill with weld, no saw blade deflections or kerf to manage.

No hand marking or fixture setup required.

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Tube Laser Features

Cuts round, angle, channel, square & rectangle shapes

Speed, precision & laser quality all at the same time

Synchronized, four-chuck clamping system to make precision cuts.

3D rotating head allows 5-axis cutting for bevels, miters & complex shapes

4,000-watt power cell, allowing to cut material up to 1.00” thick!

Cuts up to 8.66” round, 6.00”X6.00” square, up to 25’-6” long lengths of material

“Time is money and with
AMF Tube Laser we saved both!”

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