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Dedicated 60’ Tube & Structural-Shape Lasering

All Metals Fabrication’s dedicated 60-foot tube and structural- shape laser delivers the most advanced cutting technology available today.

Designed for super fast, high-precision cutting solutions, the Mazak Fabrigear II 220 tube laser blows away traditional sawing, coping, drilling and punching processes. Increased speed and precision saves tons of money and time on downstream costs and assembly.

Imagine the increased efficiency of welding perfect miter joints and perfect fit ups.

Imagine large lengths of tube or pipe or angle that only have to be handled once to cut, cope and set holes and slots.

These are not hyped or mythical savings—these improvements are money to the bottom line as hours and hours of labor are saved over traditional fabrication methods.

  • 3D rotating laser head allows tube laser to cut more than just flat sheet metal: we can cut a wide variety of tube, pipe, channel, beam, angle or custom extrusion.
  • Significant advantages over traditional metal fabrication including the ability to create more intricate cuts and shapes.
  • Form, angle cut, notch or bevel parts with increased speed and precision.
  • Incredible speed increases in handling and fabricating traditional and non-traditional shapes and extrusions.
  • Utilizing a synchronized, four-chuck clamping system, materials are held securely in place, allowing the laser beam to make precision cuts.
  • Boasts a 4,000-watt power cell, allowing us to cut material up to 1.00” thick!
  • Tapered laser torch allows for the laser cutting head to get into tight corners, resulting in ultimate flexibility to cut any shape or size.

Tube laser technology brings high-quality, value-driven custom metal fabrication to our company.

All Metals Fabrication’s experienced metal fabricators and advanced tube laser technology assure that you’ll get perfect parts every time.

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