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MIG Welding Back

MIG, or Metal Inert Gas, welding uses a welding gun that feeds both wire and gas through a welding gun without the need for manually feeding the wire. When you think of welding and imagine sparks flying, you’re probably thinking of MIG welding. This arc-welding process is often easier and faster than TIG welding, and, often times, it does not require as much expertise. However, our welders have perfected their MIG welding skills down to a science, creating industrial and architectural metal fabrications that are high-strength and low-cost.

MIG welder working on a metal fabrication project

When is MIG Welding Used?

MIG welding is used with a range of metals and alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, bronze and nickel. It can be used on a variety of material thicknesses, ranging from thin sheet metals to thick structural metals.

Some of the most common examples of where MIG welding is used include the following:

  • Steel enclosures
  • Steel frame assemblies
  • Steel fixtures
  • Steel OEM components
  • Heavier stainless steel or aluminum components