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Want your construction site to thrive? Bring on a field welder!

October 07, 2014 | field welder, field welding

Field Welder

If you’ve ever spent time working on a construction site, then you know how critical it is to have fully operational equipment. When things go wrong, an on-site field welder can save the project a lot of time and money. Here are the basics of the field welding process, in order to give you a better idea of what to do when things go wrong.

The first task of any field welder is removing whatever it is that is broken or damaged. There are a couple of approaches that can be used, but the most common are using oxy-fuel or plasma cutting devices to remove the destroyed materials. Plasma cutters are the most efficient option as they are quick at slicing through metal, can handle any material that is electrically-conductive and are easy operators to handle.

Once the damaged parts or metals have been removed from a work piece it’s time for the field welder to prepare the weld joint. The most critical part of this is choosing the correct material. Whatever you are making the repair with needs to be as strong if not stronger than the original parent material. If you decide to rush into a project without doing the proper research you can end up causing yourself even more trouble than you began with. Another important aspect of preparing the weld joint is keeping things clean. Removing any oil or grease build up will go a long way in strengthening the weld joint and ensuring your repair is done right.

Finally, make sure you choose the right welding device. Typically in field welding operations Shielded Metal Arc Welding or Stick and flux Cored Arc Welding are used. These processes significantly cut back on equipment that is required at the job site which makes them very convenient. No need to worry about hoses, a regulator or a gas cylinder if you don’t have to!  Another benefit of Stick or Flux cored welding devices is that they cut back on the danger that may come with outside elements like wind or debris interfering with shielding gases.

Have any further questions about field welding? Let us know! At All Metals Fabrication, we’re experts in everything metal related and are happy to go more in depth about the many aspects of this field.

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