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Author: Rich Marker | Updated April 22, 2024 | August 07, 2022 fiber laser, laser cutting, mitsubishi gx-f advanced, smartflex rapid tower

All Metals Fabrication (AMF) introduces its newest fiber laser onto the shop floor by purchasing a new, state-of-the-art, Mitsubishi 3015 GX-F Advanced 10.0kW Fiber Laser.

To enhance laser cutting capacity, in conjunction with the flat laser, AMF also purchased a Mitsubishi SmartFlex Rapid Tower with twelve autoloading shelves, auto loading capacity and auto offloading capacity.

The combination of this new laser and the automated loading/offloading tower will provide AMF significantly more capacity and cutting speed.

For starters, 10,0000 watts of laser cutting power does something to you. It is like a monster roller-coaster moment, right before the launch. You wait, you wait, you wait—and then bam! You are exploding off into falls, twists and turns until the ride is finally over.

Likewise, the power this machine has is mesmerizing. It will blast through thick steel plate at roller-coaster speeds. Even better, it will slice through thick slabs of stainless steel and aluminum like they were not even there.

Simply translated, AMF has purchased a machine that will be supercharged and rarin’ to go—lightning fast cutting and beating down metal at thrilling speeds.

Mitsubishi 3015 GX-F Advanced 10.0kW Fiber Laser

All this cutting power provides key benefits to our customers—extremely cost-competitive parts and the ability to cut about any thickness or type of metal

As mentioned, 10.0kW fiber lasers cut through sheet metal and plate metal incredibly fast. However, by adding automation for both loading flat sheets and offloading cut parts, AMF will quadruple or quintuple our current throughput.

In other words, we will be cutting parts lightning fast and we will be moving those parts on and off the fiber laser lightning fast as well.

Other job shops do own large fiber lasers but very few complement the fast cutting machine with automation. Having a machine that cuts fast is wonderful but not if the machine is constantly waiting on people to load and offload metal.

Essentially, without automation, these machines turn into fast-cutting paper weights. The only way to take advantage of the cutting speed is to make sure the machine can move the material on and off as fast as it cuts.

Our SmartFlex Rapid Tower works by providing numerous shelves to prep the machine for loading. Each shelf can load into the laser in less than sixty seconds. This onloading is happening simultaneously while the machine, on the other side, as it were, is offloading finished parts into a separate cue where our team can grab the parts and finish processing them.

We can stack the machine with an entire tower of raw material sheets that are waiting in cue for their time to cut.

Even more amazing is that this automation also allows us to cut parts lights out—no human intervention needed.

Sleeping like a baby has a new meaning for most of our customers when they realize the potential for urgently cut laser parts coming hot off the machine before they awake for their morning coffee.

Again, the key benefits for our customersextremely cost-competitive parts and fantastically short lead times

In addition to automation, Mitsubishi’s GX-F Advanced Series laser comes with robust artificial intelligence (AI). The machine both watches, using internally installed cameras, and listens, via audio controls, to the fiber laser cutting.

This instant feedback allows for automatic, non-human intervention that manages the shape of the laser beam and the cutting speed.

Constant micro adjustments to both inputs maximize speed and minimize consumables, like nitrogen, as the machine cuts various parts’ sizes and material types.

As mentioned, these constant micro adjustments in the cutting process are particularly valuable, if not crucial, when the machine is cutting lights out.

Good cutting not only enhances cutting speed, but it also makes the cuts cleaner with less burr.

Again, the key benefits to this AI and technologyextremely cost-competitive parts and fantastically short lead times

In conjunction with AI, Mitsubishi’s Fiber Laser comes with Remote360TM. This technology allows for remote monitoring and remote diagnostics to become a reality. If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, our operators can take a look right from home and often log in to make adjustments without ever trekking into the shop.

Remote360TM also maintains a lifelong machine database of issues that the machine encounters. This data, of course, becomes very valuable to both operations and preventative maintenance to find problems before they happen.

The goal, of course, is throughput—we want to keep the machine cutting and running efficiently to make sure our customers are getting parts on time.

In this case, the key benefit to our customershitting due and sending parts quickly out the door on time

All these technologies and features are significant advancements in laser technology that we know will translate into happier customers.

Ultimately, that is our overriding goal—happy customers!

Certainly, it is cool—and even fun—to pick up new technology. Most of us are guilty of that little techno-pleasure but technology, in and of itself, is of little value if it does not translate into something that truly benefits the customer.

In the case of our new 10.00kW fiber laser, we believe that we have been able to put our customers front and center.

Although mentioned several times, we believe some of the new laser’s key benefits include:

  • Significantly Shortened Lead Times and Improved Turnaround Times

Obviously, lead times are a major challenge across the entire world as supply chains have exploded. The speed and automation technologies we have acquired will allow us to run at maximum speed, even lights out, with no people attending.

We believe that automation will continue to play a larger role in job-shop manufacturing. Automation used to be a term saved for OEMs with large runs of similar parts. That is changing. Small runs, small batches and rapid setups are the name of the game for even small job shops these days and the automation we have in place with this machine addresses those very issues.

  • Competitive Pricing

Pricing, of course, plays a role in every business and with every customer. We are always anxious to provide the best and most competitive pricing we can offer.

That will be a reality as AMF gains the full benefit of both speed and throughput.

We always offer price matching and are anxious to make sure our customers are getting a fair and competitive price.

  • Highest Levels of Quality

Laser cutting has taken over the world because it is fast and extremely accurate. With Mitsubishi’s AI constantly in play, we are able to make the best, cleanest cuts possible.

Metal composition changes from sheet to sheet and even from place to place on one sheet. Micro adjusting and constantly monitoring the cut quality guarantees that the parts are being cut both with optimal beam shape and optimal speed.

You can feel safe that your parts will arrive clean and cut to exact specifications.

  • Peace of Mind

Last on the list but likely first in your heart is this notion of handing over work and feeling that peace of mind that you are going to receive parts on time—and right every time.

Peace in a package is kind of crazy language when it comes to flat laser cut parts, but that is exactly what we are offering.

We are extremely aware that our performance impacts the quality and magnitude of your stress rate. We want our customers to feel zero stress and feel confident that we can deliver as promised.

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We will make good things happen for you!

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