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Three Cool Facts About Welding

Think you know a lot about metal fabrication? Check out these three cool facts about the world of welding you may not know:

Welding in space is different than here on Earth. The scientists at NASA have figured out that in space, when two pieces of metal touch each other, they fuse together. The oxygen in our atmosphere forms an extremely thin layer of oxidized metal on every exposed surface, preventing this from happening on Earth, of course. If you plan on being an astronaut, you probably won’t need to use a welding torch after all. Not for outside repairs at least!

Welding is used in many consumer products today. Your laptop, the chair you are sitting on, even your car and cell phone required some type of metal fabrication. It’s estimated that more than half of the consumer products on the market today used metal fabrication!

Your car needed (a lot!) of welding. Way before any vehicle hits the highway, it undergoes hundreds of hours of fabrication and welding work in order to get the body and chassis ready to go. The suspension, frame work and even axles all get metal work as well.

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