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Tube Lasers Are Making Everything Easier

tube laser

Tube Lasers are making everyday fabrication easier, faster, less expensive.

Many of our customers do not realize that All Metals Fabrication’s (AMF) Tube Laser is changing everyday fabrication—making even old-school fabrication work much easier, faster and less expensive. Ultimately, this is an enormous benefit to our customers because we can fabricate higher-quality parts while simultaneously offering a better price.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Everyday frame…this tube frame has a few holes, normally drilled, and a few cuts, normally saw-cut. Between saw-cutting and drilling, one might expect to allocate forty-five minutes to an hour worth of labor.

    drilling and saw-cutting

    However, there will be potential problems in the traditional, old-school process as follows:

    • Miter cuts are not exactly forty-five degrees, which will cause problems with welding and fitting. At the very least, it slows down the welding process.
    • Holes will normally have to be hand-marked and laid out for the drill press. Drilling perfectly aligned holes with hand-marked locations is slow and inaccurate.

    Tube Laser technology makes the process far superior.

    • Tube processing time goes from one hour to under ten minutes.
    • Welding time is likely cut by 30% because the miter cuts will be precisely forty-five degrees.
    • Hole locations will also be extremely accurate, +/- .01.
  1. Everyday piece of angle iron…yes, Tube Lasers cut angle (most are surprised to know).

    by tube lasering

    Again, here is a piece that would normally be saw-cut and drilled or machined.Problems with saw-cutting and drilling are the same as the frame above:

    • Slow
    • Not accurate
    • Or in the case of machining, expensive with multiple setups

    Tube Laser cutting benefits—even on angle shapes:

    • Fast
    • Very accurate
    • One setup

    A part that might take forty-five minutes to an hour the old-school way would take less than five minutes with a Tube Laser!

  1. Everyday pieces of aluminum c-channel… yes, Tube Lasers cut channel (most are surprised to know). Aluminum c channel is very easy to saw-cut and drill, but even easier and faster on a Tube Laser.

    done by tube lasers

    • The cart will require 12 EA pieces of saw-cut aluminum channel.
    • Old-school sawing with mitered corners is likely one hour.
    • Old-school drilling for the handle receiving holes will require twenty–-thirty minutes with setup.
    • Tube Laser cutting is half the time.

    It gets better.

    Weld time with Tube Laser cut channels will be 1.5 times faster than saw-cut tube because of accuracy in weld and fit-up.

Tube Laser work vastly improves traditional, old-school fabrication processes—the kind of work most shops can do—slowly, while AMF does it quickly.

And yes, Tube Lasers do cut angle.
Tube Lasers do cut channel.
Tube Lasers cut square, round and even obround, tube shapes.

Find out how AMF’s Tube Laser can benefit your traditional, old-school fabrication needs by contacting us at or on

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